Sweater Weather

Staying bundled up is a must here in Fayetteville, especially with the windchill reaching below the negatives … so I’ve put together a few of my favorite sweaters !! But I am not going to lie, I am beyond ready for some warm weather and a real tan.


I love this little wall in Little Rock & it’s making me miss home lots

Winter in fayetteville is a whole new kinda cold… walking to class with sweats on top of leggings still wasn’t really warm enough. But we are makin’ it and I am readyy for spring weather, going to the farmer’s market on the weekends & wearing pastels+prints.


I am a sucker for Citizens of Humanity and these light wash dark wash contrasted jeans are a good addition to your denim collection

Off the shoulder tops are always catching my eye, so mixing this style with a knit for warmth is the best combo


shop the details of my full look here !!

Cozy n comfy sweaters to meet all your winter needs

nude pullover         camel turtleneck

Image 1-12-18 at 9.11 PM

frayed sweater

pink turtle neck        white turtle neck

There will be lots of fun content coming in your way in February. The end of January has been a bit hectic with classes starting and initiation week but it’ll alll be worth it when I am an official Chi Omega PSI !!



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hey heyy !!!! My name is Brighton Barnard and I’m an 18 year old Arkansas native. I am a freshman at the University of Arkansas, where I am pursuing a double major in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development as well as Marketing. I am also a Chi Omega Psi and member of the Razorback Pom Squad at the U of A (woooopig!) I have always been drawn to fashion, creativity and the little things in life — which is what lead me to create this blog! Hope you can find some bits of bliss !!

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