2018, Let’s Do This Thing

New year, new goals, more fun !!!

This year, I am making it my sole mission to take full advantage of all the opportunities that land at my feet. I am excited and ready to tackle new things, so I’ve come up with a few goals to help me do this!



My favorite little party top from Donna Mizani

2018 Goals

1. Live in the Moment

Personally, I find myself getting so wrapped up in my own little bubble of craziness that I neglect to focus on the now and forget the importance of being present. From what I have learned during my first semester of college, this is the most prevalent time in my life: to meet new people, make mistakes — and learn from them, grow, network, make memories and mold myself into the adult I seek to be.



2. Make a Monthly Plan

I am all about utilizing a planner. With balancing school, dance team, sorority & just life in general, I try to plan/prioritize how my week will go every Monday. This year, I of course will still stick to planning weekly, but I also want to plan by the month as well. By having a written out Monthly schedule, I foresee being much more dedicated to my blog by having documented goals, posts, and objectives to fulfill by a specific date. I hope to dedicate a lot more of my time to blogging and making it just as much of a priority as my other obligations.


3. Take What You Can Handle

I definitely struggle with overcommitting myself. I feel like I can never say no. So.. then I get to a point where I am so overloaded with obligations that I can’t all juggle at once. Which inevitably just leads to stress on stress on stress. For 2018, I want to commit to the things that will, in the end, help me reach my goals. This way I can give my commitments 100% effort and in doing so learn that it is okay to say “no”.


4. Embrace Thoughtfulness

College has given me the opportunity to meet to so many sweet souls, individuals who have truly impacted me and helped mold me. I want to be that person for others: be a light, be a listening ear, and be a thoughtful friend. Instead of being consumed by all the things going on in my own life, I want to make others’ highs and lows my priority too.



5. Kick it into Gear

This year WILL (mark my words) be a year full of getting organized, getting healthy, and being the best individual that I can be. There’s no better time to start reaching for you goals than now.


you can find all of these cute little quotes I used on my Pinterest here !!



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2018… Let’s do this thing!




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hey heyy !!!! My name is Brighton Barnard and I’m an 18 year old Arkansas native. I am a freshman at the University of Arkansas, where I am pursuing a double major in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development as well as Marketing. I am also a Chi Omega Psi and member of the Razorback Pom Squad at the U of A (woooopig!) I have always been drawn to fashion, creativity and the little things in life — which is what lead me to create this blog! Hope you can find some bits of bliss !!

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