Tied Up


Between school, pom, sorority, etc … I feel like it’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos of life .. and I’m not even two weeks into my freshmen year yet !!! I think one of the biggest/most important/valuable things you can do for yourself (& what I hope to really hold onto this year) is 1. learn good time management skills so you can 2. prioritize what’s important to you

Jumping into the “college life” has been soooo fun !! I’ve gained new sisters (Chi Omega PSI baby) and met some really cool people, and I can’t wait to keep making new relationships. I’ve also gotten to jump straight into Apparel classes – I’m an Apparel Merchandising and Product Development Major – so it’s been really neat to get a head start into what I want to do in the future.

Juggling my school work + extra curricular’s is something I’m reallyyy trying to master this year. Four years of high school flew by in the blink of an eye … and so I want to savor every last minute of college I possibly can. Making sure I set aside time to first-and-foremost be studious but also to be in the moment. “You can never get this time back” is something I’ve been hearing over and over again, and so I really do want to cherish all the little things freshmen year has to offer !!

Image 8-28-17 at 12.33 AM

this jumpsuit was a steeeeaaallll of a deal — and I love the knotted sleeves

Image 8-28-17 at 12.33 AM (5)

jumpsuits have been a huge hit this season and I love this one from ASOS because it’s nothing too flashy, but is still fun and edgy


Image 8-28-17 at 12.33 AM (4)

thanks to my go to photographer/best bff for the pics @mollyb0

I’m such a sucker for comfort and jumpsuits are the comfiestttt (especially this one!) and I paired it with my staple Steve Maddens

Image 8-28-17 at 12.32 AMI actually wore this as my “pref day dress” during recruitment lol not a dress but it made do ((:

Might have to do a rush week post at some point …. safe to say it was the longest/shortest week of my life but we survived and now I’m a happy happy happyyy little hootie !! All my Chi O sisters have been so welcoming and loving to all of us newbies and I couldn’t be more thankful. It’s such a blessing to be able to go into my first year of college knowing I have a support system full of girls who really care about me and genuinely want to have a relationship with me. And so comforting to know I have a place to call my home away from home — so grateful for 940 W Maple already

Thanks for the read !




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