Going Gingham


From street style to high fashion looks, gingham seems to be the trending pattern of the summer and celebs would have to agree !!! So hit the web and stock up your closet with these classic looks for some end of the summer bliss!

ShopBop has the perfect gingham hookup, and not to mention some good swimmies and accessories!

top row left to right:      romper        red tie top        red strapless top       black tie top

Looove the flowy sleeves & tied accents

bottom row left to right:    swimsuit      bandana

These two are my absolute favs on the site right now

left:  blue tank       right:  plunging dress

Local clothing boutique Scarlet has these goodies instore and online so check them outttt

cold shoulder top                     style shorts

Revolve is serving up some major gingham love at #revolveinthehamptons !! If you arent following them on insta (@revolve) you’re missing out BIG time.

top row left to right:   red ruffle skirt       tied cold shoulder top       tan strapless flow top

  ruffled set       orange strapless top

Celebs have been rocking this classic pattern, dressed up and dressed down. So,  whether its on the runway or on the streets, add some flare to your summer style with some classic gingham

Thanks for the read !!




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