West Texas Baby

Take me back to Marfa, TX please!! Seriously the cutest, most artsy, hole-in-a-wall town with a population of 1,981 people. It’s the “go-to” place for retired artists and you can see why! I went to Marfa for a destination Senior Shoot with the amazing Whitney Bower, and  fell in love with the desert vibes (and the cool weather).


We stayed at El Cosmico in the coolest vintage airstream. If you ever get the chance to visit Marfa, you HAVE to stay here!! They have everything from renovated vintage trailers, safari and scout tents, Sioux-style tepees, a Mongolian yurt, and a tent campsite. And if that doesn’t sound convincing enough … Beyoncé stayed here in 2012!


They also have a shop inside the main building with vintage graphic tees, posters, apparel, and all sorts of rad paraphernalia.

I got this vintage tee, worn bandana, and poster while I was there!


This area was dedicated to cookouts and lounging at El Cosmico


This Stone Cold Fox dress has my heart, no joke


Little Pinky was by far my favorite airstream!! It was considerably smaller than the rest but would be perfect for anyone traveling alone. Oh, and I almost forget, about half of the airstreams have outdoor showers, and a few with outdoor restrooms. But rest assured because there are some that have both accommodations inside your airstream!


Marfa has a variety of breakfast nooks to choose from, but I absolutely loved Squeeze Marfa !! I got the Yoghurt Parfait and it was soo good. Random, but majority of the restaurants and shops here are locally owned so hours tend to vary. Most places are closed Mondays and Tuesdays so be sure to plan accordingly so you don’t miss out!


Marfa Ballroom was one of our shooting sites, it’s a non-profit organization and a dynamic, contemporary cultural arts space where you can explore the visual arts, film, music, and performance. The gallery is housed in a converted dancehall that dates to 1927.


And the Lolita dress from Stone Cold Fox is one of my favs right now, and couldn’t be more perfect for the desert


Checked off one more thing from my bucket list after eating at the Food Shark Truck!


Totally freaked when we came up on the Prada Marfa in the middle of nowhere! One of the most iconic art installs ever.


Our last night in Marfa ended with one of the most beautiful sunsets. The perfect 3 day getaway!

Have to add that I actually got to see the Marfa Lights with my own eyes!! These lights are a phenomena known worldwide and simply defy conventional explanations. Go see them for yourself and make your own trip to West Texas!

Thanks for the read!!





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