Kylie Jenner Lipkit Review

Yay for my first post!!!! Thought I would share a beauty review to kick off my blog!

I just received this adorable Kylie Jenner Cosmetics package today and I couldn’t be anymore pumped! I have been wanting to try some of her products for a while now, and I am extremely pleased with the quality. Also super impressed with the thought behind her packaging. I would definitely recommend the matte liquid lipstick, which comes with a liner as well. It goes on really smooth and is reasonably long lasting if you plan on going out (it also smells insanely good!)

IMG_7542Here is Dolce K ! It’s the perfect brown nude that can be dressed up or down.

IMG_7457Obsessed with her packaging! So sleek, here’s all of the Lip Kits


Here’s another shot of Dolce K Matte Liquid Lipstick and Lip Liner

Kylie Jenner Cosmetics also just released  Limited Edition Birthday Collection  you guys should check it out and for sure try some of her products!


Thanks for the read!



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hey heyy !!!! My name is Brighton Barnard and I’m an 18 year old Arkansas native. I am a freshman at the University of Arkansas, where I am pursuing a double major in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development as well as Marketing. I am also a Chi Omega Psi and member of the Razorback Pom Squad at the U of A (woooopig!) I have always been drawn to fashion, creativity and the little things in life — which is what lead me to create this blog! Hope you can find some bits of bliss !!

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